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Baxters Army

Welcome to Baxter’s Army!

Since 2018 Minderoo Foundation has supported a 5km walk of “Baxter’s Army” for paediatric brain cancer survivor Baxter Hutchinson, WA based advocate for brain cancer. The army has grown and is now 600 strong and we are so excited this year to announce that Minderoo Foundation has kindly offered to support Kids Cancer Support Group (KCSG) for this annual event.  


Baxter’s Army Walk will be held in May 2022 coinciding with Brain Cancer Awareness Month. Baxter has experienced firsthand the impact the Kids Cancer Support Group has on supporting and enriching the lives of Western Australian children and their families after a cancer diagnosis. The services are provided when these families need it most. That immediate and real-life practical support is the reason why this year the Minderoo Foundation have chosen to collaborate with this charity to raise funds for this worthy local cause.  


Kids Cancer Support Group is unique as it is run by parents who have all personally experienced the trauma of having a child diagnosed with cancer.  


The support services provided encompass the whole family in dealing with the uncertainty that the journey brings. The devastating emotional distress and how it takes a toll on all members of the family is unimaginable until you have walked the path.  


There are nearly 100 families in WA each and every year that are impacted by the diagnosis of their child with cancer or a blood disorder. KCSG works closely with the Oncology Ward at Perth’s Children Hospital and provides services that are aimed at directly assisting and supporting these families.  


You can find more information about their services or donate below:

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Did you know that every year in Australia  950 children and adolescents are diagnosed  with childhood cancer?

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