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How do we

Who do we help?

Our support services encompass the whole family. We understand that your whole world stops as you hold your breath braced by the impact of a childhood cancer diagnosis. The uncertainty that the journey brings, the devastating emotional distress and how it takes a toll on all members of the family is unimaginable until you have walked the path. 

In particular, our community understands the pain and devastation that a loss of a child, sibling or grandchild brings to a family.

There are nearly 100 families in WA each and every year that are impacted by the diagnosis of their child with cancer or a blood disorder. Our services are aimed at assisting them and we have specific support and programs target at assisting:

•    Parents of the children diagnosed
•    Children who are undergoing/have undergone treatment for cancer or a blood disorder
•    Siblings of childhood cancer/blood disorder patients
•    Single Parents
•    Grandparents
•    Bereaved Families
•    Country Families

Cancer does not discriminate, so there is a full spectrum of demographics, socioeconomic backgrounds & locations that are affected.


How do we help?

We enrich the lives of those impacted by childhood cancer or blood disorders through our programs and facilities, such as:  

  • KCSG House – a welcoming supportive place, a ‘home away from home’ for the whole family to connect and relax with peers in an environment suited to their unique needs.

  • Playgroup – an opportunity for children, siblings, parents/caregivers and grandparents to connect in a safe play space with activities tailored to their particular needs.  

  • School holiday activities/workshops.  

  • Clubs for parents/care givers such as book club, walking/running club.  

  • Providing tickets to local events and activities around Perth.  

  • Regular retreats and special events

We provide support when you need it most and try to brighten the days of those
on ward by: 


  • Our Gladiator goodies deliveries providing new toys, activities, books and crafts and essential provisions to those currently on Ward 1A.  

  • On ward events – Pizza/Movie nights, arts & craft workshops, Halloween, Easter & Christmas events.  

  • Lucky dips – small toys/gifts provided after a procedure.  

  • Providing a trusted point of contact to assist you and your family with your specific needs.

  • Peer to peer support groups for families, such as KCSG Connect, our Parent and Carers private page, ‘TAPESTRY’ for Grandparents and ‘TRIBE’ for teens.  


Did you know that every year in Australia  950 children and adolescents are diagnosed  with childhood cancer?

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