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Did you know that every year in Australia 950 children and adolescents are diagnosed with childhood cancer?

90 – 100 of these are in Western Australia.  With approximately 1 in 300 children being diagnosed with cancer globally each year, which equates to around 163,000 children annually, a childhood cancer diagnosis is not as rare as many people may think.  


For most children when they are diagnosed their cancer is already at an advanced stage and tragically in Australia alone, 3 children die each week from cancer or the side-effects of treatment. Cancer is the biggest disease killer of children in Australia.  


The impact of a childhood cancer or blood disorder diagnosis is devastating and far reaching. The families, relationships, siblings and finances all suffer.  


Families feel extremely isolated and alone.  


Once treatment has ended the impacts do not just go away, parents, siblings, grandparents and of course the child themselves often have physical and emotional scars that impact their quality of life and mental health.  


Nearly all childhood cancer survivors end up with chronic health conditions as a result of the treatment they are given to cure them of their cancer. Often there has been a large financial toll on the family who are often faced with one or both parents having to give up work to be at their child’s bedside as a full time carer for their sick child.  Added to this are the extra expenses of sudden increased living costs, parking, fuel, food, resources for their child and medical expenses.  Many families are from rural or country areas and are forced to relocate to be close to the hospital.  All these issues can impact many family and personal relationships greatly.  


Sadly, too many of these children do not survive and the impact of the loss of a child on the bereaved family, the parents, siblings and grandparents is extremely devastating and lifelong.  


By supporting our work at the Kids Cancer Support Group you are helping us deliver services that enable families to feel like they are not alone, providing this support and connection when they need it most.    


Help Kids with cancer and donate today.  



For families affected by cancer or a blood disorder join our supportive community and find resources to suit your needs



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